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Tinshine is the leader of the custom tin eyeshadow palette manufacturers, we have used tin material to do makeup palettes, eyeshadow palettes, and powder compacts for many cosmetic brands since 2007. We are the first tin box factory to manufacture makeup tin palettes successfully. We mainly export custom tin eyeshadow palettes to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and EU countries, helping various beauty brands with their private-label eyeshadow tin palette packaging.

Packaging is a huge aspect of the life cycle and energy cost of the eyeshadow palette. Hourglass Cosmetics, the company behind many eyeshadow palettes, is known for having high-end packaging made of tinplate. When requested for comment on their packaging materials, they responded with the following statement: “We’re happy to confirm that our packaging is made of metal tins made of recyclable material.”

Source: Hourglass Cosmetics

Why Use Tin Material For Makeup Palettes?

1. When considering the different packaging types like paperboard and plastic eyeshadow palettes, nothing is associated with premium luxury more than metal tin palettes. Because metal tin has a pleasing and natural metallic luster, which allows tin manufacturers to create a consistent metallic gradient effect to feature a high-end makeup packaging box.

2. Metal tins are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic palettes. They are often made of recycled tinplate and are refillable, durable, and long-lasting. They can also come in unique designs and shapes with custom printing.

3. Metal tins are refillable packaging innovation. In order to reduce the use of virgin plastic, many branding makeup palettes are consciously crafted from a tin.

4. Metal tins have a Hermetic seal and dark condition – Seamless tin lid and tin bottom to keep inside eyeshadow and makeup in good storage condition.

5. Metal tins can be formed into different shapes with custom printing, and can even be embossed or debossed, offering a unique tactile feel, to highlight your company logo and variety of artworks demand.

6. Custom tin makeup palettes always come with magnetic and mirrors. But we also have other options: you can use a stainless mirror or glass mirror, you can use magnetic or without magnetic, we can custom made different shapes and sizes of pans to suit your requirements like 1 pan, 2 pans, 3 pans, 4 pans, 5 pans, 6 pans, 8 pans, 12 pans, and so on.



  • They can be recycled, reused, and refillable
  • Can be easily repurposed for cosmetic packaging because it is BPA-free
  • Tin material has excellent printing performance and embossing


  • The metal tin is easily scratched and prone to rusting
  • Dents if not handled carefully


Tinshine has been custom printing and manufacturing premium, decorative tin packaging for cosmetic brands and promotions for over 16 years. We handle all manufacturing processes under one roof to control the quality and product time for you. We have the latest design, engineering technology, and experience for custom tin makeup palette manufacturing.

We have more of what you are looking for. But if you have to choose just one supplier, this would be us. Send us an email, and let’s find the optimal packaging solution for your business!


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