Tea Tins Wholesale Supplier

Are you looking for custom-printed tea tins in bulk for loose-leaf teas or tea bags? We are a leading reliable tin box factory and handle all manufacturing processes under one roof to create high-quality empty tea tins at the best price, controlling the costs, quality, and timing of production for your brand promotion.

Our product specialist will help you to design your brand tea tins with fully customizable options to your desired size, shape, and printing.

As a tea tin manufacturer, we are pleased to offer your company access to our extensive selection of existing tin molds at no cost. This cost-effective solution allows you to take advantage of our high-quality tins without incurring the expense of creating new molds.

We also offer the option to customize the tins with your own brand printing, adding a professional and eye-catching touch to your products. Our flexible and customizable approach allows you to boost your brand and create a distinctive and memorable packaging solution. Whether you choose from our existing molds or opt for custom printing, you can trust that our tea tins will enhance your products and stand out in the market.

At Tinshine, we understand that the right specialty finishes can make a huge difference in the appearance of your printed tea tins. That’s why we offer an array of enhanced options, including gloss, matte, spot varnish, textured, and satin varnishes, to elevate the look of your custom tea tins.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your tins, you can choose from metallic gold or silver finishes. Or, for a more modern and unique look, consider single or multi-level embossing. No matter which specialty finish you choose, your tea tins are sure to stand out from the rest with their exquisite, distinctive, and eye-catching appeal.

Custom Tea Tins Wholesale

Custom Tea Tins Wholesale

Custom tea tins are designed and custom printed to be attractive and eye-catching, as well as functional. They may feature beautiful designs, colorful patterns, or interesting shapes, and are often used to display and showcase the tea and store it.

Custom decorative tea tins are often used for packaging and giving tea as gifts, or to display tea in a retail setting. They can help enhance the tea’s overall appeal and make it more attractive to consumers. Some people also collect decorative tea tins for their decorative value.

As a reliable tea tin supplier and factory, we manufacture custom tea tins with labels or custom printing on the surface. We can also emboss or deboss the logo on it. Custom sizes are also accepted, but that requires a new mold with a minimum quantity of more than 5000 pcs.

Tea Tins For Loose Tea

Tea Tins Wholesale For Loose Tea

Tea tins are a great option for storing loose tea. Loose tea leaves are not packaged in individual tea bags like most commercial teas, so they need to be stored in an airtight container to keep them fresh. 

Tea tins are perfect for this because they are typically made of metal, which helps to keep air out and preserve the freshness of the tea leaves. 

Additionally, the tins are often designed to be airtight and also be decorative, making them a practical and attractive option for storing loose tea.

luxury small tea tin gift box

Small Tea Tins Wholesale

Small tea tins are often used for packaging and selling individual servings of tea, or for providing samples of tea to customers. They are also convenient for people who want to take their tea with them when they travel or are on the go. 

Small tea tins can be collected as a tea gift box. You can put 6, 12, and 24 gold tin caddies filled with different flavor teas that are packaged together and presented as a gift.

It can include a variety of delicious teas such as Oolong, Black & Chai teas, Herbal & Chai teas, Green Tea, Masala Chai Teas, and more. Tea gift sets are a popular gift idea for tea enthusiasts and make a thoughtful and practical gift for any occasion.

Large Tea Tins wholesale

Large Tea Tins Wholesale

Large tea tins are larger in size than standard tea tins. They are typically designed to hold larger amounts of tea, such as multiple servings or a full box of tea- oolong tea bags or loose green tea for example.

Large tea tins are often used for displaying and showcasing the tea. They are also convenient for people who want to keep a larger supply of tea on hand, or who want to share their tea with others. 

These spacious tea tins are perfect for storing a variety of loose-leaf teas, from colorful blends to large-leaf varieties. The generous capacity, ranging from 10 oz to 50 oz, allows for plenty of storage, while the airtight lid with a rubber seal helps keep the tea fresh and fragrant for multiple uses.

The durable and elegant design of these tins makes them not only functional but also a stylish addition to any kitchen or pantry. With their appealing aesthetics and user-friendly design, these large tea tins are a must-have for any tea lover.

Airtight Tea Tins wholesale

Airtight Tea Tins Wholesale

Airtight tea tins are designed to keep the tea inside fresh and free from contamination. They are made with tight-fitting lids or other closure mechanisms that prevent air from entering the tin and keep the tea inside fresh and protected. Airtight tea tins are important for maintaining the quality and flavor of the tea and preventing it from going stale or losing its aroma. They are also useful for protecting the tea from moisture and humidity, which can cause the tea to become musty or moldy. 

Most tea bags and loose-leaf tea starts to lose their flavor after 3 to 4 months if it is not preserved in an airtight tin container. Good tea tins will offer an airtight seal that locks in fragrance while protecting the loose tea from moisture that can damage and alter the flavor. If you are looking for tea tins that feature a silicone seal or airtight cover to keep your favorite teas tasting longer,  contact us today for a free quote on your custom tea tins, our tin factory will create a professional look that perfectly matches your tea brand and vision!

Stackable tea tins wholesale

Stackable Tea Tins Wholesale

Stackable tea tins are designed to be easily stacked on top of each other. They typically have a flat bottom and a slightly curved or angled top, which allows them to nest securely on top of one another.

Stackable tea tins are often used for organizing and storing multiple tins of tea and can help to save space and keep the tea tins neat and tidy.

They are also convenient for people who want to take multiple tins of tea with them when they travel or are on the go.

Stackable tea tins are often decorative and aesthetically pleasing and can help to enhance the overall appeal of the tea.

Tea Storage Tins

Tea Storage Tins

Storing your teas in tins not only keeps them fresh but also helps you avoid the hassle of rummaging through a stack of identical bags during your morning tea ritual. 

Our diverse collection of storage tea tins comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to easily identify and grab your desired tea without a fuss, no matter how extensive your tea collection may be.

As a storage tea tin supplier based in China with over 16 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality tea tins to our clients. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the tea storage industry.


Square Tea Tins Wholesale

Square Tea Tins Wholesale

Square tea tins are classic containers that offer an excellent solution for tea packaging. 

A key feature of square tea tins is their stackable lids, which can be effortlessly popped on and off. This design allows for easy access to your tea leaves while maintaining an airtight seal, ensuring that the tea remains fresh and full of flavor. The stackable nature of these tins also makes them space-efficient, allowing you to optimize storage in your kitchen or tea corner.

Tinshine has installed six automatic tea tin manufacturing lines and an in-house lab, enhancing capacity and capability. This upgrade reduces labor costs, improves production efficiency, and results in more competitive pricing and shorter lead times for our customers. 

Chai Tea Tins Wholesale

Chai Tea Tins Wholesale

Our round tin with an airtight lid is an ideal packaging solution for chai tea, ensuring that your tea remains fresh and aromatic. The curl outward bottom design allows for easy customization of the tin’s height, making it adaptable to your specific needs. With dimensions of Dia. 75x80mmH, this chai tea tin box can comfortably hold 80-100g of chai tea powder.

The airtight lid ensures that your chai tea remains protected from moisture, air, and light, preserving its rich flavors and fragrances. This round tin is not only functional but also visually appealing, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen or tea corner. The design can be further personalized with logos, artwork, or messages to create a unique and memorable gift or promotional item.

French Tea Tin Manufacturer

French Tea Tins Manufacturer

Tinshine is a reliable French tea tin manufacturer. Our aim is to help brands elevate product position while increasing price points and margins within a cost-effective, responsive supply chain.

We can tool, create, and manufacture unique and eye-catching custom tea tins to your exact tea packaging specification.

This French tea tin was made in a square shape, the plug lid seals the tin to ensure the freshness of the tea inside but also includes a delicate embossed logo. We printed directly onto the tinplate to create a metallic sheen, which is brought to life with the illustrated floral and fruit components.

What Are Tea Tins?

Tea tins are airtight and watertight storage containers that keep the tea fresher longer and cost-effectively market your tea brand.
Tea tins offer so much room for customization. Even if your company is starting, you can give your customers a unique experience. Everyone from tiny Etsy stores to well-established brick-and-mortar stores uses tea tins to promote their products and increase brand recognition. 
What Is Tea Tin Made Of?

The tea tin is typically made of metal, such as tin or aluminum. These materials are durable, lightweight, and resistant to water and moisture, which makes them well-suited for storing and packaging tea.

Metal tea tins are also easy to clean and maintain and are 100% recyclable, which makes them an environmentally-friendly packaging option. Tea tins are also sometimes made of other materials, such as plastic or glass, but metal tins are the most common.

Is Tin Safe To Store Tea?

Yes, tin is a safe material to use for storing tea. Tin is a non-toxic and food-safe metal, which makes it an ideal material for containers that come into contact with food and beverages.

Tea tins can be customized into any shape and size, and are designed to be airtight to keep the tea fresh. The metal material helps to protect the tea from light, air, and moisture, which can cause the tea to lose its flavor and aroma over time.

Additionally, tin is resistant to corrosion and does not react with acidic foods or beverages, so it is a safe and effective material for storing tea.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Tea Tins

  1. Tea tins are airtight and watertight, which helps to keep the tea fresh and prevent it from going stale. This is important for maintaining the quality and flavor of the tea, and ensuring that it is as tasty and enjoyable as possible.
  2. Tea tins are portable and convenient, which makes them easy to take with you when you travel or are on the go. This allows you to enjoy your favorite tea anytime, anywhere.
  3. Tea tins are decorative and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them an attractive packaging option for tea. This can help enhance the tea’s overall appeal and make it more appealing to consumers.
  4. Tea tins are recyclable, which makes them an environmentally-friendly packaging option. This helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

How Do You Use Tea Tins?

Tea tins are popularly used to store and package tea. To use a tea tin, you can simply open the lid and fill the tin with tea leaves, herbs, or other tea ingredients.
You can then close the lid to seal the tin and store the tin in a cool, dry place. When you are ready to use the tea, you can open the lid and spoon out the desired amount of tea. You can then brew the tea using your preferred method, such as steeping it in hot water or using a tea infuser.
Tea tins are also often used for displaying and showcasing the tea, as well as for giving tea as gifts. Some people also collect tea tins for their decorative value.

How To Reuse Your Empty Tea Tins?

There are 6 ways to reuse your empty tea tins. Here are some possible ideas:
  1. You can use the tin to store tea, coffee, herbs, spices, or other food items, or you can use it to store non-food items, such as sewing supplies, craft supplies, or office supplies.
  2. You can use the tin to organize items such as buttons, beads, or pins, or you can use it to store small items, such as jewelry or trinkets.
  3. You can use the tin to create a DIY project, such as a planter, a candle holder, or a storage box.
  4. You can use the container to display small items, such as photos, knick-knacks, or figurines, or you can use it as part of a larger decorative arrangement.
  5. You can fill the tin with tea, candy, or other treats, and give it as a gift to a friend, family member, or colleague.
  6. You can recycle it to help conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

What Is The Best Container To Store Loose-leaf Tea?

The best container to store tea depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some people prefer to store their tea in tins or canisters, as these are airtight and watertight, and can help to keep the tea fresh and prevent it from going stale.
Others prefer to use glass jars or containers, as these are transparent and allow you to see the tea inside. Glass containers are also easy to clean and maintain, and are typically safe for use with food.
Another option is to use vacuum-sealed bags or pouches, as these are airtight and can help maintain the tea’s freshness. Therefore, there are so many storage options for loose-leaf tea. But tea tins, Bamboo wood tea boxes, and dark glass jars are among the best sellers. 

How To Find Reliable Tea Tin Suppliers?

To find reliable tea tin suppliers, you can start by doing some research and comparing different options. Here are some steps you can follow:
  1. Search online for tea tin suppliers. You can use search engines, such as Google, to find suppliers of tea tins. This will give you a list of potential suppliers to consider.
  2. Visit the websites of the suppliers you are interested in. Take some time to explore the websites of the suppliers you are interested in, and learn more about the products and services they offer.
  3. Check the tin factory exporter data. This will give you an idea of the quality of their products and services, and whether they are reputable and trustworthy.
  4. Contact the suppliers to ask questions. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential suppliers, contact them to ask any questions you may have. This will give you a chance to learn more about their products and services and get a sense of their customer service and support.

 What Tea Tins Do We Offers?

Metaltinpack provides a diverse selection of high-quality tea tins in various sizes and shapes.  The tea tin is both affordable and incredibly durable, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your tea products.

You can customize your tea tins from a range of finishing options, including Glossy, Matte, Spot UV, and Emboss, to enhance the appearance of your tea packaging. Additionally, you can add a personal touch with options such as a die-cut window, gold or silver foiling, embossing, and ribbons or bows.